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Urban Legends: Where is the Truth?

Poprocks and Coca-Cola
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Poprocks and Coca-Cola
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Make your stomach explode?

From what I understand, pop rocks first came out in the mid-seventies and was later pulled off the market in 1983 because of a supposed rumour that * mikey* the LIFE cereal kid, had eaten six packets of the candy then downed a six pack of soda, the mixture later killing him.
Ok that whole thing is just a population of kids' imaginations running rampant which is absolutely normal for kids.  Eating poprocks and coke will not, does not and has never made anyone's stomach explode.  I know this only because like a typical kid I did it myself just to see if it was true.
* mikey* didn't die, heis career just took another path and he is working as a business coporate now for which company I don't remember right off but he is none the less still alive and well.
So if you want to, eat all the poprocks and coke you want to the most you might get is a few cavities, a good belch, or maybe a bit of a tummy ache from all that sugar and carbonation but thats the most that's going to happen to you.


Czar Bandit the Paranormal Ferret