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Urban Legends: Where is the Truth?

Tidbits of Random Info
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Amityville Horror
La Lechusa
Ogopogo ( The Canadian version of the Loch Ness Monster)
Ogopogo page 2
Poprocks and Coca-Cola
Rollercoaster of Love ( song by Ohio Players)
Resurrection Mary
Three Men and a Baby
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Urban Legends.

Truth or Fiction?

Well obviously there has to be some truth to an urban legend for it have gotten started. But often times the truth is obscured or buried so deep in the legend that it is hard to tell if the legend has any truth at all.  That's where we come in. We will post Urban Legends, some quite common and some not so common, as they have been presented to us and as we sort through them and find the truth, we will post what we found out.  We can't do it all by ourselves though and that's where you, our visitor comes in.  Pass along an urban legend to us to either feature and research or even if you have found the honest truth at the root of the legend, share that with us too.


This site is happily run by me, Ersha, and my ever diligant best friend Luna.  All contents of any Urban Legends certainly don't belong strictly to us but we have worked hard to bring these stories and their truths to you so please be respectful to our humble site.


Czar Bandit the Paranormal Ferret