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Urban Legends: Where is the Truth?

Resurrection Mary

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Is Mary Bregovy the ever infamous *Resurrection Mary* ?

Mary Bregovy it ever increasingly seems, to be  the likely choice to be the identity of the elusive Resurrection Mary but more and more supporting evidence seems to be proving otherwise.  For example, Mary Bregovy died in the early 1920's, atleast a  decade earlier  than the story of Resurrection Mary began to take place.  Mary Bregovy is reported to have had dark hair and was also reported to have been buried in and orchid coloured dress, not a white dancing dress.  Resurrection Mary was a blond woman buried in what has been reported to have been her favourite white dancing dress and her white dancing shoes.  The only similarities mentioned about the two tragedies is that both women were approximately 21 years of age, they were both killed in in automobile accidents and they were both buried in Resurrection Cemetery.  Although Mary Bregovy was killed in an car accident, she was in the vehicle and what killed her was that she had been thrown through the windshield of her vehicle. Resurrection Mary had been struck down in a hit-and-run accident.

Resurrection Mary, a story that took place in 1930's Chicago, about a young woman who had spent an evening at the O'Henry Ballroom (now called The Willowbrook Ballroom) with her boyfriend. As the story goes, she had gotten into an arguement with the young man and left the ballroom and walked home. She figured she would rather suffer the cold and long walk home then spend the rest of the evening safely in a warm building with her Boyfriend. Well as story has it, she had been walking down Archer Avenue when she was tragically struck down by a hit and run driver.  That night she had been wearing her favourite white gown and white dancing shoes.


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