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Urban Legends: Where is the Truth?

La Lechusa
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A Urban Legend that even confuses me...

La Lechusa, The Owl Lady.
One version I was told of this is that it was a woman whom had lost her lover and she died of heartbreak and has take the form of a white owl with the face of a woman (sometimes an old hag) and she stalks men at night and it is believed that she whistles an eerie tune to get the man's attention that she is stalking, If he whistles back in response, it is foretold that he will die soon after.

Another version I read was that the Lachusa was a witch who got turned into a white owl, with an old womans face, and when a woman is giving birth to a babe in the twilight hourse, she will hear the cry of the child and come to the rearing woman and when the child is born she will steal it away.  it is said that when she makes noise, she sounds either like a crying child or a cackling old hag.
I definitly say this legend is worthy of more investigation though.


Czar Bandit the Paranormal Ferret