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Urban Legends: Where is the Truth?

Three Men and a Baby

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Three Men and a Baby
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The Movie Three Men and a Baby can be considered an Urban Legend as well as a Ghost story.  For the ghost story portion please visit our related links page for the web page it is listed on.
But as for the Urban Legend portion of it, here goes.
Fox, I believe was the company who put out the movie, Their explanation for the reported ghost sighting in one of the scenes was simply that it had been I cardboard Cut out of Ted Danson (one of the actors in the movie) and that it in fact was not the ghost of a child.  They also reported that the house used for the movie was not an actual house but a production set that was built and used on the movie lot.
if you look closely at the pictures that are provided on various websites, the similarities provided for comparison do not coincide with their story of the sighting.  If looked at closely, the figure of the boy is not wearing a tuxedo like the reported cut-out and is also to short to be a life-sized cardboard cut out.
Also their explanation for the supposed cut-out being there was simply that it was a practical joke to see how many movie patrons would notice it. atleast that was one explanation. Another explanation was that the cut-out had simply been left there by mistake and had not been noticed until later on.
I personally think there are to many questions left unanswered.  If you want to look it up and see for yourself and form your own opinion, please by all means do so.


Czar Bandit the Paranormal Ferret