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Rollercoaster of Love ( song by Ohio Players)
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A woman's scream in the background?

While there definitly is the sound of a woman screaming in the background, exactly 2 minutes and 32 seconds into the song, atleast on the cut that I have.  The story behind how it got there in the song varies.
But while the story itsself varies, here is the version I and a couple of friends are most familiar with.
While recording the song for the album titled * honey* a young woman, who's modeling career was just beginning, also reportedly the girlfriend of the lead band mate. Was doing a photo shoot for the cover art of the album.  Well in the picture, which if I Can find the pic that was put onto the album cover I'll post it.  But at any rate, she was posed on a bed, ladeling honey over her body, it was supposed to look also like she was on a bed, that had glass on it. You know so that it looked like she was on a proverbial bed of glass.  Well from th way this version goes, it wasn't regular glass, it turned out to be fiberglass, which inadvertently had a chemical reaction with the honey and bonded the skin of the models legs to the glass like superglue. I'm sure that had to hurt like fracken hell.
Well anyway, now that her career had just went down the toilet, she stormed into the studio, screamig and yelling at her boyfriend, the lead bandmate, that she was going to sue the pants off the band  for all their worth and ruin their careers as they had ruined hers basically.  And according to this version, These accusations had seriously upset her boyfriend, and while still recording the track to *Rollercoaster of Love* He brutally stabbed her to death right there in the middle of the studio. 
And that is the story We know of as to how the scream got in the song. 
Though I've recently also read a couple of other versions.
One other version said the woman had been a cleaning lady.  And the location had supposedly been in an adjacent building.  One version said it was one of the band mates girlfriend but she had been murdered in and adjacent apartment.
Another version said it was a cleaning lady in the studio.
Another one even goes as far to say it was the producer/dj that killed the irate girlfriend.  And strangely enough a couple of versions even go to say that the scream was pre-recorded and added later for the chill effect. Another says that one of the band mates had inhaled a breath sharply in such a way as to reach a higher octave bracket and that it came out sounding very much like a real scream.
At any rate, the scream is there in the song and it does have a very eerie effect on the imagination of the listener, atleast in my opinion it does.  Luna's huusband even, had been disturbed by it to the  point he refuses to listen to the song simply because of the scream in it and he's one that as far as I know doesnt easily get disturbed in such a way and he otherwise loves disco music. 
So yeah I think that it is a disturbing feature to the song at any rate.  And if you'd like to hear the song for yourself click the link below. though I'm chosing to play the entire song, to add supsense and a bit of wonder in your mind.  I hope you enjoy.


Czar Bandit the Paranormal Ferret