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Urban Legends: Where is the Truth?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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Actually based on a true story or not?

I'm going to admit my guilt and say that I personally have not seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre or any of its little group of movies but I have heard a lot about it otherwise and have read some on it and thats why I am choosing to present it here.  While it would be difficult for me in a way to present it effectively I can atleast present what I have heard and read about it and let you decide what you do with what I've read.

According to, the story of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, there is no truth to the story line. The guy who wrote it got the idea one day while shopping at Sears in the Tools section. After spotting a chainsaw on sale decided to write a gruesome story that everyone seems to know and love today.
But oddly enough another piece of texted media I've read says that there is indeed a scruple of truth to it. Or rather that the basis of the story was based upon a scruple of truth about a real person.
Here is the link to the story that provides the evidence of the scruple of truth.  I would reccomend you look into if for yourself and form your own opinions.


Czar Bandit the Paranormal Ferret